Technical Help & Data

In this section we have tried to display all of the relevant information and data you might need.

To make it easier to navigate this section, we have grouped the information together in more commonly used groups. From light bulb cap fittings all the way to motor full load currents, we are confident that you will find what you need.



Lighting can be confusing, even to the most experienced electrician or wholesaler. This section aims to de-mystify lighting as a whole. We have included charts to help you decide what shade of light you want, and even handy line drawings of the most commonly used light bulb fittings and caps.



Enclosures are a pivotal part of every project. Making sure that the enclosure is suitable could make or break any job. In this section, we have included detailed and data, including the waterproof rating (I.P.) and a colour chart, just in case you need your enclosures sprayed to specification.




Motor starting can be very confusing. We have chosen to make the specification of motor controls easier for you. Overload selection charts ,Star-Delta kit specifications, as well as using Miniature Circuit Breakers with motors, will we hope, will make your life easier.



This section is dedicated to helping you select the correct way to terminate your cable. We have Gland sizing charts for every cable we sell at WED Ltd.

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Here at WED Ltd, we have standardised on the use of Metric units in, almost, every case. In this section, we have included conversion charts for some of the most commonly used Imperial units, as well as the American Wire Gauge, and a couple of others. We have taken every effort to ensure that this list is comprehensive and accurate, let us know if we have missed anything.