Terms & Conditions

1. GENERAL For the purpose of these conditions “The Company” means Worcester Electrical Distributors Ltd. and “goods” means any materials or service supplied by the Company. The ordering of goods from the Company will be considered to be an acceptance of the conditions and where any condition conflicts with that of a customer’s Conditions of Purchase, the Company’s condition shall apply. No amendment may be made to the following unless authorised in writing by a director of the Company. 2. CREDIT ACCOUNTS Prospective customers wishing to open a credit account should apply to the Company enclosing full details of address, two trade references and the name of their banker. Until the opening of an account has been confirmed by the Company in writing, goods will only be supplied on a pro-forma basis. 3. QUOTATIONS AND PRICING All quotations are made at current prices, but are subject to alteration without notice and goods will be charged at prices and discounts ruling at the date of despatch. The price and discount quoted will be applicable only to the quantity specified on the customer’s enquiry. Any delivery times quoted are advisory only and may be subject to alteration dependent on supplier’s delivery to the Company. The Company cannot accept responsibility for any loss suffered by the customer in respect of delay or price increase beyond the Company’s control. Where no period is stated in the Company’s quotation, the contents will be valid for 28 days. 4. CARRIAGE AND DELIVERY The Company normally makes no charge for delivery within its van delivery area, but reserves the right to charge for delivery outside this area and for low value orders. If the goods have been specially brought in, the Company reserves the right to pass on any carriage charge made by its supplier. Delivery dates are given in good faith, but shall not amount to any contractual obligation to deliver at the time quoted. No liability for direct or consequential loss arising from delay will be accepted. 5. ORDERS Orders sent in confirmation of telephone instructions should be clearly marked as such, otherwise costs incurred by the Company as a result of duplications of an order will be charged to the customer. The Company cannot accept responsibility for cancellation if not made in writing to the Company. Any works charges incurred by the Company in respect of the cancellation of an order for non-stock items will be invoiced to the customer. 6. CABLE DRUMS Cable drums are charged in accordance with the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. 7. DAMAGE, LOSS IN TRASIT AND SHORTAGES The Company will, when the price quoted includes delivery, repair or replace free of charge goods damaged in transit, provided the carriers and the Company receive written notice of such damage within three days of delivery. Goods should be checked, with the advice note enclosed with the goods, upon receipt and if received in a damaged or unsatisfactory condition, must be signed for as such. Shortages must also be notified to the carriers within three days of delivery, failing which no liability will be accepted. Non-delivery of goods must be reported in writing to the Company within three days of receipt of invoice or advice of despatch, whichever is the earlier. 8. RETURNS Goods correctly supplied may not be returned without written agreement. Goods so returned must be consigned carriage paid and be accompanied by full details stating the invoice number and date together with reason for return. Any article which has been supplied to special requirements cannot be accepted by the Company for return under any circumstances and in other instances a re-stocking charge will be imposed. 9. WARRANTY The Company’s liability shall be limited to giving the customer the benefit of any guarantee given to the Company by the manufacturers. 10. VALUE ADDED TAX Where applicable, Value Added Tax will be charged at the rate ruling at the date of despatch. Quotations are made exclusive of VAT but VAT may be shown as a separate item. 11. RISK AND TITLE 11.1 The risk of loss or damage to the goods shall pass to the Purchaser when the goods are despatched to the Purchaser unless and to the extent that the contrary is expressly stated on the Contract. 11.2 The goods shall remain the Company’s sole and absolute property and title in them shall not pass to the Purchaser until such time as the Purchaser has paid the Company in full for the goods and for any other goods which are subject to this or any other contract with the Company. 11.3 The Purchaser acknowledges that the Purchaser is in possession of the goods solely as Bailee for the Company until title in the products passes to the Purchaser and, if required by the Company, until such time as the Purchaser will store the goods separately from all other goods and mark or otherwise identify them as the Company’s property. 11.4 Until title in the goods passes to the Purchaser, the Company shall be entitled at any time by notice either to require the Purchaser to return the goods forthwith at the Purchaser’s expense, or to enter upon the premises where they are stored (or where they are reasonably thought to be stored) for the purpose of recovering them. 12. PAYMENT All accounts are payable on or before the last day of the month following the date of invoice. If payment is not received by this date, of after the expiry of any other payment period agreed in writing, the Company reserves the right to withhold deliveries and to charge interest on the amount not settled by the due date. The Company reserves the right to determine any contract without prejudice to our right to recover money due, in the event of a customer failing to comply with the Company’s terms of payment. 13. FORCE MAJEUR The Company shall not be liable for its failure to perform any contract if such failure arises from any of the following: War, Civil Disturbance, Fire, Strikes, Lock-out, Flood and Parliamentary Statutes or any other rules issue by a Government Department and any other causes similarly beyond the Company’s control. 14. ERRORS AND OMMISSIONS The Company reserves the right to amend any accidental error or omission without liability. 15. HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK ACT 1974 All goods are sold on the express understanding that customers are aware of the requirements and provisions of the above Act. The Company takes every care to ensure that goods offered for sale comply with the above Act when properly used and will not accept any liability in the event of misuse by customers.